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Music and Mania

For many years, Braunstein’s career flourished despite mood episodes and occasional extreme behaviour.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Dow...

Thumbs up and Thumbs down…A selection of approvals and critiques.

What It’s Reall...

I am one of the 51 million people worldwide living with schizophrenia.

Life Doesn’t Stop w...

Since I learned that I had dystonia, I’ve started a new career in the fitness industry.

Breaking The Ice

Until recently, the word “disclosure” had little or no importance to me.

Vision and Revision

I alighted a train in the middle of nowhere and arrived home.


I get to wear a fetching black terrycloth tie around my neck.

NOVEMBER 11, 2017 BEA...

Love Is All You Need Dear Friend… Many of us have personally experienced the need for caregivers in our lives, or understand the stress of being a caregiver for others. At every stage in life we and others around us eventually need “a little help from our friends,” family and caring professionals. Canada Cares (a program of […]

Meet Lilou The Therap...

The San Francisco Airport welcomed “LiLou” to its beloved Wag Brigade team of three-hundred carefully selected animals.

What’s Up With ...

Parents say having a child with Down syndrome enriches their lives.