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Meet Lilou The Therap...

The San Francisco Airport welcomed “LiLou” to its beloved Wag Brigade team of three-hundred carefully selected animals.

What’s Up With ...

Parents say having a child with Down syndrome enriches their lives.

The “inspiration”...

Back in the 1980s, Esquire magazine introduced a new monthly columnist. His name: Harry Stein.


Meryl Streep tearfully spoke about Donald Trump’s mocking of a reporter with a disability during an election press conference.

To  disclose  or  ...

Deciding whether or not to disclose an invisible or hidden disability at the interview stage, and how to do so, can be very stressful.

Finding motivation on...

When I graduated with a masters degree in human rights law, I was quite certain that it would only be a few months before I found a stable job.

Financial Planning

If you’re reading this, you already know that having a disability is expensive. But able-bodied people often don’t “get” it.

Horsing Around

“Therapeutic riding” is a term used to describe all horse-related activities for adults and children with disabilities.

Post-Traumatic Stress...

Most of us will experience some form of stress as a child or adult that affects us physically, but our reactions and the healing process are usually brief.

My years with Thurber

I have been a magazine reader since age seven or eight. Every so often I joke that reading Mad taught me almost everything I needed to know about magazine editing and writing, which I have done professionally for 40 years.