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A Party Invitation Al...

When my daughter receives an invitation to a party, I’m usually excited. I’m thrilled for her and look forward to us having fun together while celebrating a special occasion, usually a birthday.

A Mother’s Pride

Before I had children, I remember people saying that kids need to come with a manual. In my own journey with three children—two of whom have been diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome “plus”—I would change that to the following:

An Interview With Luk...

Luke Anderson was featured in a film called Contact Dance Every Body at the Contact Dance International Film Festival (CDIFF) in Toronto in June 2017.

Brave, Comfortable, a...

Three women share their brutally honest stories. Unapologetic and forthright, Carmen, Jody and Kilee tell it like it is with fearless openness. Their bodies are but part of the story.

Hannah and Her Father

Around 9 p.m., on the final evening of November, we are trekking our way toward Toronto’s Union Station.

Ode to Joy (and Sorrow)

Our wedding day, September 3, 1981. Actually, it was more like semi-elopement day as we had made a quick decision to marry and all we desired was a quiet, private ceremony in Toronto with a minimum of fuss and guests.

An Interview with Sha...

Shawn Brush, “The Krooked Cowboy,” is an accomplished musician with 12 albums under his belt and a touring history that includes performances throughout Ontario.

Beatles Tribute Fundr...

Thank you to our sponsors and all who attended our recent Beatles Tribute Fundraiser at
Koerner Hall in Toronto.

Music and Mania

For many years, Braunstein’s career flourished despite mood episodes and occasional extreme behaviour.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Dow...

Thumbs up and Thumbs down…A selection of approvals and critiques.