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Athlete Dima Al-Dahouk

A new start in Canada By Viven Fellegi Dima Al-Dahouk frowns fiercely as she whacks the Ping-Pong ball across the net. She maintains a laser-sharp focus on the ball as it careens back and forth on the table. Her husband, who is her regular opponent, slams it into a corner. She wrenches her wheelchair around. […]

The Invisible Battle

Hidden disabilities have become a sensitive topic on many campuses. Within one academic year, two students at the University of Waterloo and several more at University of Guelph committed suicide. In support, 7,800 students signed a petition pointing out the desperate need for reform of the existing mental health support system. In addition, the Toronto Star reported in August that there is no official body responsible for keeping track of the number of students dying by suicide each year.


ARE YOU LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE? By Mayur Gadhia, CPA, CA To avoid tedious paperwork, most people don’t keep records of medical expenses. In other cases, individuals simply forget to keep track of their medical expenses, not knowing the potential tax benefit. As a rule of thumb, under the Canadian Income Tax Act, certain […]

Scientist Reduces Bar...

“I want to make science more accessible to students,” says Soong. “If a student with a disability wants to do an experiment, it should be a positive experience and they shouldn’t have to worry about whether they can perform it or not.”

An evolving project

Soong was initially interested in creating a device that could transfer substances without human error affecting the data, but soon realized that it might be of use to students with disabilities.

Family Ties

There is something very special about family for people with diabetes—it’s a lifelong diagnosis and family members will often stand beside you for your lifetime,” says Dr. Jan Hux, chief science officer for Diabetes Canada. She adds that while not everyone may have biological family members they can reach out to in times of need, they can often draw on other circles of support, such as friends or a church group.

A perfect match

Mirjana Rakic credits her husband of 20 years, Dejan, with seeing her through the many diabetes-related challenges she has faced.

Laurie and Tim

Taken from in Sickness and in Health: A story of love, disability, and a quest to understand the perils and pleasures of interabled romance. By Ben Mattlin I’ve always felt fortunate. That may surprise some people. It surprised M.L. when I first mentioned it to her. But I’m fortunate, I insist, to have been born when I […]

Sunny San Diego Sees ...

Why stress over accessibility while on vacation? Why not enjoy 70 miles of sun-kissed, San Diego beaches, with or without a disability?


The season of our son requiring everything of me isn’t going to end anytime soon. In fact, he will need me to tie his shoes year after year. He will need me to change his diapers or help with toileting forever. He will require supervision always. He won’t move out and move on. Frankly, I’m going to be in the weeds forever.

And let me tell you, it can be a lonely, scary and overwhelming place.

Taking the Exit Ramp

This was when Caroline Tapp-McDougall and her BCS team stepped in. As a seasoned magazine editor, Caroline took it upon herself to become familiar with the issues and get the spring edition of Abilities out the door. She took on full responsibility for advertising, content, production and distribution, exuding a blend of calmness and energy that made everyone believe Abilities could continue.

Together, we handled the practical sorting and sifting needed to get the foundation back on its feet. With help from me, Howard and the other board members, Caroline sorted out our cash flow and ramped up our fundraising efforts.

It was a crash course for all of us in charitable entrepreneurship.

CAF News

Summer Interns Once again we are pleased to welcome our summer students and Job Start interns who are on board to help us with a number of exciting projects. Both groups are funded by Federal Government programs that support the hiring of youth and people with disabilities. Special thank you to Yasmin Ratansi, MP – […]