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This Bike Has MS

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, MS “involves an immune-mediated process in which an abnormal response of the body’s immune system is directed against the central nervous system.” It’s a complicated disease that results in a lot of different symptoms and side effects; however, these symptoms may not be obvious to casual observers. MS […]

A New Lens of Inclusi...

Through Aerobics By Karen Lai Last year, 2015, marked my 20th year of participating in fitness classes. Today, I love my classes as much as when I started in November 1995. Some people might think me “weird” when I tell them how much joy I get from my mere one hour of aerobics! Like many people […]

Up Close and Accessible

Into The Deep By Tyler Ward Have you ever wanted to touch a stingray? Or practise yoga among tropical fish? How about sleep next to a shark? All of these exciting activities and more are available at the accessible Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada in downtown Toronto, just steps away from the CN Tower. This aquatic […]

See What a Kid with A...

Watch this 90 eye-opening seconds. “Autism is complex and autistic people and their families don’t expect or want people to be experts,” Lever explained. But a “basic understanding could transform lives.”Watch The National Autistic Society’s PSA below: The more we all understand autism, the more people on the spectrum can feel OK about being themselves. Too […]

Hey Mainstream Media&...

Why we need more stories that aren’t about overcoming disability By Brittany (Martin) Déjean Most stories that reach mainstream audiences about disability require the person to “overcome” it. You’ve seen the headlines: ‘Paralyzed bride walks down the aisle’ or ‘Paralyzed student walks on graduation day.” Stories like these deserve and should continue to be shared, but if those are […]

I Shaved My Head

To stop pulling my hair out By Julie Mason On January 17, 2014, my hair and my head were in rough shape. About half of my hair was gone. After 10 years of struggling with trichotillomania, I had reached breaking point. The evening before, I had begged my father, through tears, to get his electric razor […]

Tongue Untied

A quest for meaning By Judy Yormark Mernick Anyone who has known Moe (affectionately referred to as Moshe) since he was a child knows that, for him, speaking—whether one-on-one or in front of 500 people—is a big deal. Moshe stutters. It began when he was about three years old, at which point we were told to […]

Here is What I Discov...

I’m a college student with multiple disabilities By Megan Zahneis First things first: I have a very rare neurological disorder (as in, 50-cases-in-the-world rare) that renders me unable to feel pain, temperature and touch in the same way as most people. I don’t have reflexes and can’t regulate my own body temperature. I’m deaf. I also can’t […]

Defining Grace

A tale of two loving sons By Kriss Giesen The dictionary definition of “grace” is simple. As a verb, grace means to do honor or credit to (someone or something) by one’s presence. In my life, this grace has taken many forms, but none is as beautiful or pure as my boys’ love and care for […]

Canada Cares High Tea

A  Successful 3rd Annual Canada Cares Tea A special thank you to all of our sponsors and attendees who supported our Canada Cares Tea at The Ritz in Toronto on Sunday, April 3rd, 2016. A high-brow fundraiser to support our Caregiver Awards and the Make Me Smile program, the tea was once again, a huge success. Hats off […]