I didn’t even tell my mum about the try-out!

Inspiring special ability cheerleader Debbie Threlfo revealed that she didn’t tell her mother she was going to join a cheerleading squad until the day of the try-out. The 26-year-old spoke on the morning program ‘Today’ in Australia about how she started in the competitive sport and her training regime.  The all-ability team first took the Internet by storm after they placed first at a cheerleading competition in Sydney.

The incredible footage of the Oxygen All Star Lithium Team, from Newcastle, has gone viral with over 6.7 million views and close to 100,000 shares on Facebook.

Video of the winning performance shows the team of four dancing in sync before Ms Threlfo is assisted out of her chair, doing a number of cheer moves. 

Ms Threflo said: ‘we had no idea it (the video of their routine) was going take off as quickly’. She explained that she got into cheerleading through her own research of what was available for her. ‘So I looked it up and I found Oxygen All Stars on Facebook, and so I contacted them and I talked to Ryan (one of the cheer coaches) and Ryan said “oh yeah come in we’ll see what you can do.”

The inspiring cheerleader said that she trains an hour a week, the first half hour with coach Ryan focusing on stretching and flexibility, and the second half working on stunts with the squad.

What an inspiration! Cheerleader Debbie Threlfo, 26, is the special ability cheerleader in the inspiring viral video

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