All parenting turns on a crucial question: to what extent parents should accept their children for
A former #1 ranked wheelchair tennis player in Canada, Joel Dembe has represented his county at
It's not uncommon for people to hide or deny something like blindness. This is something Bashin
When someone communicates using a computerized voice, it can feel like, well, not their own. This
Tracy and Rebecca were understandably overwhelmed by the surprise visit. “I can’t believe it. I’m just
By Jenni Miller. Who are we to say what a child’s individual expression is? We really
Restaurant Owner Has Strong Message for Patrons Who Disrespected Autistic Waiter Grenache restaurant in Manchester, England,
By Julie Ireton. Forced out of his comfort zone to deal one on one with customers,
By Franchesca Ramsey. "It was really hard growing up. I had to grow thick. People make
Carla Qualtrough, a former Paralympic swimmer, was appointed Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities by